Graffiti removal by hand

Graffiti removers on spray bottles and as wipes.


We know that it is not always practical or necessary to have 10 or 25L cans, therefore we offer selected graffiti removers in smaller packages!

Graffiti remover:

OFF Graffiti Remover Eco - 0.5L spray bottle - Labeled with Good Environmental Choice, all-rounder that also works on sensitive surfaces such as plexiglass
OFF Graffiti Remover 1 - 0.5L spray bottle - Dissolves marker and spray graffiti quickly and effectively
OFF Graffiti Remover 2 - 0.5L spray bottle - Particularly suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces, such as plexiglass and signs
How to use: 
Apply selected product with cloth or brush, then process the graffiti with cleaning sponge or brush until the graffiti is dissolved.
Then wipe the surface clean with a clean cloth and rinse with water.



OFF Graffiti Wipes - All-rounder, removes graffiti and glue residues
OFF Iris Graffiti Wipes - Removes graffiti and glue residue from non-porous surfaces
OFF Soft Graffiti Wipes - Graffiti removal for sensitive surfaces
How to use:
Process the graffiti with circular motions. If the graffiti does not come off, moisten the surface with the napkin again, wait a few minutes and then process again.


Tegera 2805 - Protective gloves
Safety glasses
OFF Cleaning Sponge