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In GreenLine we collect our most environmentally friendly products that have been labeled with e.g. Nordic Ecolabelled and Good Environmental Choice! The series contains products for graffiti removal, shadow removal, facade cleaning and vehicle washing.

Cleaning tips & blog posts

Are you looking for more information about a specific job? Like hand sanitation, graffiti removal in the cold or perhaps facade washing?

Here you will find posts and our best tips for different areas!

MPE on YouTube 

On our YouTube channel you can find videos with before and after photos of specific products, videos from our courses and collected videos within different product series.

See all our videos here!

Welcome to MPE International!

A Swedish sales company of products for graffiti removal, cleaning and protection. 

To ensure that all MPE products are both efficient and environmentally friendly we cooperate with the leading commodity producers and chemists within the industry. As a result of this and our own experience in doing the actual work we have been able to develop the leading products for graffiti removal and protection systems for graffiti, façade cleaning and the infrastructure market there is. Besides products suited for these areas, MPE also provides several special products to solve specific problems. Read feedback from our customers here.

MPE International is well experienced and has extensive knowledge of cleaning and graffiti removal business. Besides being a supplier, we also offer our clients advice and practical support. Our goal is to give you everything you need to get the best results possible, more than just selling you the product. You can always contact us for support and we will help you finding the solution to your problem.

When selecting products, there is a lot to consider – environment, efficiency, the best product for the case and that the product is right for the surface. You will find all the info and approvals on each product page.

Popular products

The latest technology of products for graffiti removal and anti-graffiti protection.
The products are developed to sustain all different weather conditions, surfaces and Graffiti paints. Choose OFF when you want products with a higher Quality than Price!

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Developed to meet the high demands on the market of paint removal, cleaning and impregnating. The system is design for cleaning on all surfaces and material.

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Developed for special cleaning; for example fire restoration, odour control and car wash.

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The latest technique in produts for odour control and desinfection. Our products contain the active substance Airicide® that gives odour control a new dimension.

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