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We have facade cleaners for all occasions! Regardless of whether it concerns general facade washing, washing of plastered facades, washing before painting, algae removal or paint removal. Our facade cleaners effectively dissolve the impurities that you want to wash away, the products are developed and adapted to dissolve different types of impurities on different surfaces and materials with each facade wash.

Some facades are more difficult than others to wash. Washing a plastered facade, for example – which facade detergent should be used, which technique, what about the weather? The respective product sheet contains the area of use and job description. In case of uncertainty or to ensure the best possible results, you are always welcome to contact us at MPE.

Washing a facade that is dirty from air pollution or biological growth such as algae, lava, moss and mould, is not only important aesthetically. Air pollution from industries or exhaust gases from vehicles, breaks down and destroys facades, statues and other surfaces that are affected. Biological growth is also a big problem on our roofs and facades. Here you can find our products for algae removal!

A good way to reduce maintenance costs and to extend the life of properties, statues and bridges is to conduct entertaining facade cleaning and to impregnate the surfaces as a preventive measure. Therefore, we want to help you find the right means to prevent this.

We have impregnations adapted for different surface materials. You'll find these here!

Facade cleaning and impregnation is a good way to reduce maintenance costs while increasing the aesthetic value of properties. Below, you can browse through our various facade cleaners and see which one is best suited for your particular case! Please use the help of our sled dog.


The products are well documented and meet, among other things, The EU's detergent directive, and are approved by, among others, Good Environmental Choice, BASTA, the Swedish Transport Administration, Sunda Hus and Byggvarubedomningen.

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