Graffiti Protection

Studies show that the most effective way to get rid of graffiti is to clean as quickly as possible.

Here's anti-graffiti protection the rescuing angel. To prevent graffiti by using anti-graffiti protection gives quick results, easier remediation and lower prices. Removing the graffiti will also be better for the environment when remediation is done on an already protected surface!

The goal of all graffiti removal is to restore the surfaces to their original appearance and function. Using faulty products or methods for graffiti removal can cause permanent damage to the surfaces.

Graffiti protection can be divided into two main groups:

· Permanent graffiti protection – protection that can be clean several times, but usually a graffiti remover is needed on these.

· Sacrificial graffiti protection – graffiti removal can be done with only hot water. The protection dissolves and takes the graffiti with it. After removing the protection and graffiti the protection is applied again to the surface.

We have effective anti-graffiti protection that protects against graffiti, but also against stickers and posters as they can’t stick to the protected surface. MPE are experts on anti-graffiti protection and graffiti removers, we are happy to help our customers choose the right protection and remover for the surface.

Factors that affect the choice of anti-graffiti protection:

· Surface

· Temperature/weather


Is the surface porous or not? What is the temperature of the surface? Do you prefer a sacrificial or a permanent protection? Depending on what areas to protect, different requirements are imposed on the graffiti protection. A surface that is porous should be protected with a diffusion-open anti-graffiti protection. Please try our search function to find out what product suits you and your job the best! 

It's not just MPE's products that are constantly evolving, the graffiti colors are being developed to be as difficult as possible to remove. Correct anti-graffiti protection on the surface makes it quick and easy to clean.

MPE does not only develop anti-graffiti protection, we develop products and methods for removing graffiti as well. At the same time work with the development of equipment that facilitate the graffiti removal. Each step is important to get the best, most affordable and most effective graffiti removal! We also offer complete training to share our experience and knowledge to provide you with the conditions required to make the right choice of both graffiti protection and remover. Read all about this here!

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