Striving to work more sustainably?

5 tips to guide you in the right direction

1.    Choose eco-labeled products
This might be the most obvious way, but it's also the simplest! An eco-label guarantees that a product has undergone rigorous assessments and meets high environmental standards. Read more about this here.

Green deliveries
Requiring green deliveries from your supplier is another step in the right direction. It contributes to reduced carbon emissions and a lower environmental impact.

Anti-graffiti protection
Economical, time-saving, and with lower environmental impact! Anti-graffiti protection extends the lifespan of surfaces, makes cleaning faster, and can reduce both chemical and water usage during cleaning. Read more here.

4.    Use absorbent mats
Even though most chemical products are biodegradable, this does not mean that graffiti paint, for example, is. An absorbent mat collects both graffiti paint and chemicals, preventing them from entering the environment.

5.    Use the right methods and techniques
How do you do this job in the best way? Is it with high pressure or is manual cleaning sufficient? Do I need the strongest product? Can I reduce chemical usage through processing? There are many tips and methods! Read more about our best tips here.

At MPE, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and promoting a sustainable future. But together, we can make the biggest difference. Read more about our sustainability efforts here.