Graffiti protection - why & which?

Why graffiti protection? Which protection should I choose?


Anti-graffiti protection can save both time and money while extending the life of the surface - but why? 

Studies show that the most effective way to reduce graffiti is to clean up as quickly as possible - and for that graffiti protection is the best trick!
Using graffiti protection gives quick results, easier clean-up and a lower price. The removal of the graffiti is also kinder to the environment as no or only a mild graffiti remover is needed!

With graffiti protection, graffiti colors are prevented from penetrating the pores on the surfaces, therefore it becomes cheaper and easier to clean up graffiti in an environmentally friendly way.

Graffiti protection can be divided into two main groups:

  • Permanent graffiti protection 
    Survives multiple graffiti cleanups, a mild graffiti remover may be needed.
    Available both as diffusion-open and film-forming, where film-forming (non-diffusion-open) protection should not be applied to porous surfaces.
    MPE International is one of the few companies that has diffusion open permanent graffiti protections.
  • Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti Protection
    Graffiti is removed with only hot water - the graffiti protection dissolves and takes the graffiti with it.
    After graffiti removal, the graffiti protection is reapplied. These protections are diffusion open – this means that water can pass in vapor phase through the protection, allowing the surface to breathe.

Factors influencing the choice of graffiti protection:

  • Surface
  • Temperature/weather

Is the surface porous or not? What is the temperature of the substrate?
Do you prefer sacrificial protection or a permanent graffiti protection?
Depending on which surfaces are to be protected, different requirements are placed on the graffiti protection.
For example, a surface that is porous must be graffiti-protected with a diffusion-open protection.

Tip from Magnus:

  • Make sure the surfaces are clean and dry before applying protection.


Sacrificial graffiti protection (suitable for porous surfaces):

Wax-based, diffusion-open protection that is easily melted with hot water, approved according to AMA-20 and listed in the Swan House Product Portal.

OFF Ask Enlager
Wax-based diffusion open graffiti protection, which is only applied in one layer. Approved according to AMA-20.

OFF Ask Ice
A strong diffusion-open protection that can be applied even at low temperatures, down to -5°c.

Starch-based, diffusion-open protection. OFF Lin is the protection that is least visible on the protected surface. Approved according to AMA-20 and listed in the Nordic Swan House Product Portal.

OFF Uranus
Pigmented protection for surfaces that you want to color, choose the color code you want on the protection.

Permanent graffiti protection:

MPE Stop Graffiti
A waterborne semi-permanent diffusion open graffiti protection, protected material can undergo many cleaning cycles before reapplication is necessary. Can be used on concrete, brick, natural stone, stairs and terrazzo.

OFF Zeus
For dead surfaces that do not need to breathe - provides a transparent glossy coating. The protection becomes a barrier on the surface, which means that graffiti and dirt do not stick. Can be used on painted sheet metal, in washrooms as dirt protection, signs, waste bins, lifts, vehicles, buses and trains, glazed surfaces, stainless steel and aluminium.

Watch a video of our protections being applied and clean off: