MPE's Checklists

Are you planning to remove graffiti? Use our checklists!

We constantly strive to provide new resources that can facilitate your work. In this newsletter, we introduce two new checklists designed to help you streamline and optimize your graffiti cleaning projects.

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Graffiti Cleaning by Hand
Our checklist for graffiti cleaning by hand includes everything you need to know to conduct a thorough and effective cleaning. It covers step-by-step instructions, from preparation and necessary equipment to best practices to ensure a professional result.

🔗 Download the checklist here


Graffiti Cleaning with High Pressure
For larger areas and tougher graffiti, our checklist for high-pressure graffiti cleaning offers a detailed guide. It helps you ensure that you use the right techniques and equipment to maximize efficiency and minimize surface damage.

🔗 Download the checklist here