Trains - sustainable cleaning and graffiti removal

Switching to more sustainable cleaning and graffiti removal can feel like a big project, but with small changes in working methods and product selection, the goal is closer than you might think!


Choosing the right product and technology

A product labeled with, for example, the Nordic Swan or Good Environmental Choice is a good indication that a product has less environmental impact than those without a label. But choosing the right product for the right job also reduces.

Graffiti Removal
Bigger paintings – Choose a thickened product, it gives a longer contact time and you therefore need to use a smaller amount of chemical. Processing the graffiti before rinsing also reduces the amount of water needed. In order to easily collect paint residues and chemicals, an absorbent mat is also a simple and good trick.
Product tip: OFF Graffiti Remover Eco Gel and absorbent mat

Smaller tags – Using graffiti remover on a spray bottle or wipes makes it easy to specify where the product is applied, without consuming more product than necessary.
Product tips: OFF Graffiti Remover Eco and OFF Graffiti Wipes


Graffiti protection
Protecting the floor and furnishings means that any clean-up requires a smaller amount of graffiti remover, if remover is required at all. The fact that the graffiti end up on a protection instead of directly on the surface also extends the life of the material.
Product tips: OFF Zeus and MPE Firstcoat

You can find more about graffiti cleaning of trains here.

The right product for the surface is everything. Many products are versatile and work for different contaminants, but choosing a product for the specific contamination makes both the job easier, faster and more cost-effective - while it is better for the environment with less chemical consumption. Even when cleaning, the absorbent mat is an accessory that can make the work more environmentally friendly.
Product tips: SPS Greenclean (degreaser), MPE Rail Cleaner (against iron oxide, dirt and air pollution), MPE Boggie Cleaner (for cleaning the boggie) and absorbent mat