Roof and facade cleaning

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Washing a facade that is dirty from air pollution or biological growth such as algae, lava, moss and mold is not only important aesthetically.
Air pollution from industries or exhaust fumes from vehicles, breaks down and destroys facades, statues and other affected areas.
Biological growth is also a major problem on our roofs and facades.

But of course we have products to help you with this!

Cleaning of facade and roof:
SPS Greenclean - Nordic Ecolabelled alkaline product that can be used when cleaning facades.
BCS Amor - An all-round product for facade washing. Suitable for washing away greasy and oily impurities.

Algae and mold washing:
BCS Amor Alg - An alkaline product that dissolves algae, fatty and oily impurities.
BCS Afrodite - Can be used on all types of surfaces - including roofs, facades, ground surfaces, fences, wooden beams, stairs, walls and awnings.

Long-acting treatment for growth:

BCS Afrodite+ - An effective remedy against algae and lichen on all outdoor surfaces. On weather-exposed surfaces such as roofs and ground surfaces, in most cases the growth disappears without the surface being worked on. Prevents new growth.

Watch video of our BCS products being used: