Roof & Facade washing

Spring or even summer has finally arrived for many of us! Spring and early summer is a perfect time to give customers the facades and roofs they deserve after a long and dirty winter.


As you know, dirt, algae, mosses and other contaminants build up on roofs and facades during the winter, which can eventually damage the surfaces. Important preparations for the summer can therefore be cleaning facades and roofs, as well as applying graffiti protection/impregnation to protect against graffiti, growth and frost damage. Taking these measures not only improves the appearance of the building, but also extends the life of the materials and prevents damage in the long term. 

  • Which product should be used?
  • How often should you wash?
  • Why should the surface be protected after cleaning?
  • How often should you apply new anti-graffiti protection?
  • Risks of not removing graffiti?


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