OFF Askgård has been discontinued

Since newer and better products have entered our range, OFF Askgård has been discontinued - we recommend OFF Zeus instead!


OFF Zeus is a permanent graffiti protection for surfaces that do not need to breathe.

Provides a transparent glossy coating and good protection against graffiti and other soiling. It makes it easy to remove graffiti and dirt with mild products!


Can be used on:
• Painted sheet
• Car washes, as dirt protection
• Signs
• Trash cans
• Elevators
• Vehicles, buses and trains
• Glazed surfaces
• Stainless steel and aluminum

Good to know:
• Stops marker and spray graffiti
• Effective graffiti protection for shiny surfaces
• Provides a more cost-effective and more efficient graffiti removal with better quality
• Permanent graffiti protection
• Can be used as a shine enhancer
• Also provides dirt protection
• Only for surfaces that don’t breathe

Read more about OFF Zeus here!