MPE satsar större i Finland copy

With a Finnish employee, graffiti removal training and increased support, we are taking the next step in our presence on the Finnish market


We are strengthening our presence in Finland 🇫🇮

We at MPE International AB are very happy to announce our increased investment in the Finnish market. Our ambition to strengthen our involvement in Finland manifests itself through several exciting initiatives that we want to share with you.

Stefan Westerlund, our Finnish employee:

In order to serve our Finnish customers even better, we have welcomed a new employee to our team in Finland in 2023.
Our customer support and problem solving have always been a cornerstone of the business. This addition will ensure a more personalized and customized service and strengthen our ability to understand and meet your unique needs.

Contact Stefan:
+358 50 538 5338

Education in graffiti removal:

We are determined not only to offer the highest quality products but also to share our knowledge with you. Therefore, we have been trained customers in graffiti removal in Finland. This is part of our commitment to support you in achieving the best results with our products.


As you know, MPE International AB is known for offering the highest quality chemical products for graffiti removal, facade cleaning and much more. We have the trust of companies all over Scandinavia and Europe. We are proud to have been a supplier to companies in Finland since 2010 and that we have a warehouse with DHL in Vantaa, which makes our distribution fast and smooth.

In addition to our warehouse in Finland, we also have warehouses in Sweden, Norway and Germany to ensure fast deliveries and availability for our customers.

An important part of our business is our series of environmentally labeled products called GreenLine. We continue to strive for sustainability and to offer products that are gentle on both people and the environment.

We look forward to continuing our successful journey together with you on the Finnish market. Your trust and cooperation are valuable to us, and we are here to support your projects and needs.