MPE News January 2024

Orders within Sweden are "sent green" - the first step in our sustainability work in 2024!


Orders within Sweden are sent climate smart! 

We hope it does not come as a surprise to you that we are constantly working to become more sustainable. As part of this, all deliveries sent from our warehouse within Sweden will be "sent green". But what does that really mean?
Our shipments are sent green with DHL. This means that with every booking we make an additional option where the revenue goes directly to compensating transporters for the extra cost when they invest in climate-smart vehicles and fuels. When we choose to send green, DHL will produce the equivalent tonne-kilometres that our shipments generate with a more expensive climate-smart technology somewhere in their network.

We hope that this will soon become a standard for all transports, also outside Sweden.


Another news is that you as a contact person will receive an email as soon as we have created your booking with DHL. This email contains information to track your shipment. Just as it should be!

Do you want to know more about our environmental work? Take a look here.
Our eco-labeled products are available in GreenLine,you can find them here!
Psst, keep an eye on the GreenLine as it is also part of our 2024 sustainability work.

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