Graffiti remover labeled with Good Environmental Choice

A thin-flowing and a thick-flowing product for graffiti removal, labeled with Good Environmental Choice


Anyone who works with graffiti removal knows that you need at least two different graffiti removers – one that's a liquid and one gel. With our Eco products, you can get these with an environmental label, without sacrificing quality and results!

OFF Graffiti Remover Eco and OFF Graffiti Remover Eco Gel is labeled Good Environmental Choice and part of our GreenLine range.

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OFF Graffiti Remover Eco

Liquid graffiti remover that can also be purchased in a spray bottle. Effectively dissolves graffiti, does not attack aluminum and also works on plexiglass.

We got great results on a plexiglass and steel footbridge.
- Chippen, Liselotte Lööf

Use OFF Graffiti Remover Eco all the time. Great product that doesn't smell strong.
- Björn Hansson, Sigtuna municipality


OFF Graffiti Remover Eco Gel

Gel graffiti remover that sticks to the surface and provides longer contact time to dissolves the graffiti.

A gentle and mild product that is still effective! Easy to apply and easy to wash off. It smells almost nothing, which is a positive in places where people move.
- Rista Avramovici, PSI Services AB