Eco-labelled products vs non-eco-labelled products

We bust myths and see what the difference really is between products with and without environmental labeling when removing graffiti!


At the same time as the demand for eco-labelled products increases, our customer survey showed that efficient products are the most important thing for our customers when choosing a supplier.

What do you gain as a company from using GreenLine products? What are the pros and cons of the different products? How do you remove graffiti with the least impact on the environment?

As a cleaning company, being able to profile yourself with eco-labelled products is obviously good from a marketing point of view. But it's also good for your employees! These products are not only gentler on the environment and the substrate, but also on the person who works with them.

Advantages: The working environment, gentler on the substrate and the environment

Not eco-labelled
Advantages: Shorter duration of action, works well at lower temperatures


Tips for working in an environmentally friendly way::

  • Contact time - Let the product work according to recommendations to reduce consumption of chemicals
  • Graffiti Protection - Minimizes the use of graffiti removers and increases the life of buildings

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